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Smart, hardworking Wisconsin lawyers who care about injured clients

Sperling Law Offices LLC in Milwaukee is devoted to fighting tough personal injury cases. Our four lawyers are committed to delivering highly personalized legal service that ensures substantial and frequent contact with the clients they serve. For more than 30 years, our firm has built a reputation for delivering the best possible results. Victims of accidents, injuries, and negligent acts can count on our attorneys to be:

  • Smart: We have a deep understanding of the law and the evidence necessary to build a persuasive case for your recovery. Our attorneys also possess superb trial skills.
  • Concerned: We understand that the weeks, months and years following a serious accident can be the most trying times of your life. We do everything possible to ease your burden so you can concentrate on recovering your health.
  • Determined: Building your case requires hard work starting with an in-depth investigation: interviewing witnesses; poring over photos, police reports and medical bills; talking to doctors; and consulting with qualified experts.

Serving injured parties from Milwaukee to Waukesha and throughout Wisconsin

Sperling Law Offices LLC passionately believes that injured parties have a right to compensation, even when those at fault have a wealth of legal resources dedicated to denying claims against them. Our personal injury attorneys work hard to level the playing field between everyday people and large insurance companies, in cases related to:

  • Slip/trip/fall accidents: If you've suffered a slip/trip/fall accident due to an unsafe condition at a commercial building, store, or parking lot, or on the stairs, you may be entitled to compensation .
  • Auto accidents: Operators of motor vehicles have a duty to drive safely for the sake of other cars, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians.
  • Nursing home injury or neglect: Patients of nursing homes and senior-care facilities have a right to be treated with dignity and to be protected from injury and/or harm. Nursing home residents who suffer from falls, infections, bedsores, medication errors, MRSA, or “flesh-eating disease” (necrotizing fasciitis), etc. may have a right to compensation for injuries, abuse and/or neglect.

At Sperling Law Offices LLC, we understand how important it is for people of modest means to have access to the courts. That's especially true for injured parties whose finances are suffering because of an inability to work. That's why we accept all personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. That means you don't pay us anything until we recover compensation for you through a settlement or damage judgment at trial.

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Sperling Law Offices LLC offers flexible hours and weekend appointments. If you're unable to make it to our office, we can visit you in your home or hospital room. Your consultation is free, and you pay us nothing until we recover compensation for you. Call us today at 414-273-7777 or contact our Milwaukee office online.