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Bicycle Safety

According to AAA, nearly 96 percent of bicycle deaths result from crashes with motor vehicles. The staggering number of those that result in a brain or head trauma is alarmingly high. The scariest part is that they generally happen within five blocks of their home. The best way to minimize the chance of injury is to do your part and wear a properly fitted helmet.

Four Basic steps provided by the Brain Injury Association:

  • Measure first- Measure the head from above the eyebrows to ensure the proper fit. Be sure to read the manufacturers instruction on how their product fits the consumer.
  • Adjust the fit-Adjust the fit with the removable pads. The helmet should not move around.
  • Adjust the straps front, rear and chin to make the helmet level and snug.
  • Test the helmet – there should be little to no movement if the head is shaken.

According  to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Statistics, the risk of severe  brain injury decreases by 88 percent just by wearing a helmet. If you can’t protect your child or teen from the drivers on the road and least be sure they know how to bike safely and legally. Follow either link below for more information.