Personal Injury by Assault and Battery

Many news stories about assault and physical violence pop up in our news feeds. It was nearly impossible to miss the abuse recorded by several United Airlines passengers as David Dao was dragged off of his flight while sustaining personal injuries by police officers.

Unfortunately, Dao’s experience wasn’t an anomaly, but a situation that happens to many people each day. You may have also seen the recent articles about the abused teenagers at Lincoln Hills in Wisconsin or the Muslim woman attacked here in Milwaukee for wearing her hijab. Assault and battery can lead to a lifetime of pain and suffering, but justice can be served.

In the United States, “An estimated 3 million people experienced one or more violent victimizations in 2014,” according to a report by the Bureau of Justice Statistics. The report goes on to say that only about half of victims report anything to authorities, which means a potential 6 million people are victims of violence.

Battery in Wisconsin is defined as an “act done with intent to cause bodily harm to that person or another without the consent of the person so harmed”. (Wis. Stat. 940.19) There are several levels of the offense, which affect the severity of the charge. Violence leads to painful injuries, physical and mental, that could affect a person for a lifetime.

As with all cases, the details of each incident are unique and a consultation with an injury lawyer would serve you better than any information you can find online. If you or a loved one sustained bodily harm by another, please call us at Sperling Law Offices in Milwaukee – 414-273-7777. Your first consultation is free and our experienced lawyers are sympathetic to your needs. We are here to help.

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