Driving Apps to Keep Teen Drivers Safe

Parents will do anything to keep their children safe and today with all of the technology it is so hard to keep up with the changing times. Thanks to some new apps parents are able to give their teens independence while teaching them to be safe drivers. I have attached an article about some driving apps that speaks directly about teen driving apps and what their capabilities are. As a mother of two teens, this article made me sigh in relief knowing that I am not the only trying to keep everyone on the road a little safer. (not just the NEW drivers)

Just a few:

Intellidrive-Travelers Insurance offers settings with a plug in that allows parents to set and enforce boundaries. The parents receive a weekly report via text or email and in some states a discount on their insurance.

AT & T Drive Mode: This free app sends an auto-mated message when your vehicle is going more than 25 mph and will send all incoming calls directly to your voicemail.

Sprint Drive First: This app can detect if the vehicle is in motion and send auto-texts on your behalf.

These are just a few of the apps listed in the article and they can be installed on most cell phones. There are enough distractions on the road and we need to stop feeling the need to multitask while driving and focus on the road. Life is too important to take a chance.


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