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5 Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Auto Accident Injury Claim

Auto accident injury claims can be complex and at times overwhelming. Insurance companies attempt to minimize their payouts, and making mistakes on your end can significantly hurt your chances of Read More

Who May Be Liable When a Resident Falls in a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Center?

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are designed to provide the elderly and infirm with a safe and comfortable environment, but the occurrence of accidents, particularly falls, cannot be entirely Read More

Who May Be Held Liable for a Winter Car Accident?

Wisconsin is known for its harsh winters. Inclement weather and slippery roads are frequent causes of car accidents. However, crashes are often due in part to drivers’ negligence in the Read More

Common Types of Truck Accidents and Their Causes

Large commercial vehicles pose an ever-present danger on the nation’s highways. Crashes of tractor-trailers, semi-trucks, dump trucks and construction or maintenance vehicles can have dire consequences. Due to the size Read More

Slip and Fall Injuries in Wisconsin Retail Stores

A slip and fall can occur anywhere, but retail stores — especially supermarkets and high-volume merchandise distributors — are common sites for such accidents. A multitude of hazardous conditions can Read More

Suing Over Injuries from Slip and Falls on Ice and Snow

In Wisconsin, a state known for its harsh winters, ice and snow are the norm. This can lead to hazardous conditions on property where the owner, occupant or hired contractor Read More

Dealing With Danger From Aggressive Drivers

Aggressive drivers, whether they are acting intentionally or unthinkingly, are a menace to other motorists as well as to pedestrians and cyclists on America’s roadways. According to the National Highway Traffic Read More

The “Fatal Four” Hazards at Construction Sites

Construction sites are inherently dangerous places. Site workers, deliverymen, business visitors and even passersby are at constant risk of injuries from a wide range of causes. Some accidents are preventable Read More

What Types of Personal Injury Claims Might Result from COVID-19 Exposure?

COVID-19 exposure has led to a litany of serious health issues and tens of thousands of deaths. Though everyone’s health is top priority, afflicted individuals and family members of those Read More

Drop in Car Crashes, Spike in Bicycle Accidents Linked to Coronavirus

Once Americans came to understand how deadly the coronavirus can be and how easily it is passed from person to person, transportation habits changed. Not only did people drastically curtail Read More

Viewing 1 - 10 out of 53 posts


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