Milwaukee Attorneys Try Cases of Landlord Negligence

Diligent legal representation for renters and/or their guests with rental property accidents

Slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents on rental properties raise complex questions about who might be at fault. The landlord owns the property, but that doesn’t automatically mean the landlord is to blame when things go wrong. To make a strong case for compensation, you have to present evidence that the landlord was negligent and that you or your guest didn’t contribute to the accident through your own carelessness.

For more than 35 years, Sperling Law Offices LLC has represented renters and their guests in personal injury actions against landlords. Our compassionate attorneys work closely with you to gather the evidence necessary to present a compelling case. In short, you must prove:

  • Your landlord had responsibility for the area in question
  • Your landlord knew or should have known about a dangerous condition in that area
  • Your landlord failed to address the dangerous condition the way a reasonable person would

Demonstrating your landlord had sufficient notice

A landlord is only required to do what is reasonable to make a property safe. When dangerous conditions arise, such as storm damage to a heavy tree limb overhanging the property, a landlord who does not actually live on the premises has no way of knowing about this new hazard. The same is true for bricks or tiles that become loose over time or walkways that become uneven due to tree root growth or other factors. A jury may consider it the tenant’s responsibility to bring these hazards to the landlord’s attention. In such cases, it’s very helpful to have a record of contacts with your landlord, which documents your requests for repairs. Our Milwaukee attorneys can also subpoena the landlord’s maintenance records to see if the landlord had sufficient notice.

How lease terms can affect your slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall case against a landlord

Depending upon the terms of your lease, the hazard that caused your accident may have been your responsibility to handle. Consider slip-and-fall cases involving snow and ice removal: If your lease says that you are responsible for clearing steps and walkways, you may be barred from suing your landlord for a fall after a snowstorm. If snow removal is the landlord’s responsibility, you might have a case, depending on the timing of your accident. (The landlord had a reasonable time to clean up after the storm and failed.)

Slip-and fall cases involving ice are notoriously hard to try in Wisconsin, where potential jurors may believe harsh winters are simply a part of life. But Sperling Law Offices LLC is willing to take these tough cases because we’re committed to helping our clients during the difficult period following a serious accident.

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