Driving in Construction Zones

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying: There are only two seasons in Wisconsin, winter and construction. We are now well into the season of construction, and I know I for one am exhausted. Commutes are longer due to lane and ramp closures on the highway. Roads that were once two-way have become one-way and you’re now forced to change your entire route to work. It takes you twice as long to get anywhere as before. While the season of construction is long and frustrating, it is important for drivers to remember caution and safety when driving through work zones.

Construction zones present quite a few dangerous obstacles to drivers. Recognizing you are driving in a construction zone is the first step to safety. Keeping an eye out for signs of construction, such as orange signs, flags, barrels, and cones, will alert drivers they are entering a construction zone.

Remember these other tips while you’re driving through a construction zone:

  • Slow down. Construction zones often will have lower speed limits, and fines can double in work zones.
  • Be aware of your surroundings, especially when workers are around. While construction workers are on the job their safety is in your hands.
  • Give yourself room and don’t tailgate. According to the Wisconsin DOT, rear-end collisions are the most common in work zone crashes.
  • Be patient and give yourself plenty of time. You may be rerouted or slow to a crawl through the construction zone. Leaving a few minutes earlier will ensure you have time to drive safely through the construction zone and arrive on time.

By being prepared, you can still arrive at your destination safely and on time. Every driver plays a part in keeping the road safe during construction season.

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