Hands-Free Technology in Your Car: Helpful or Harmful?

Do you have technology in your car that allows you to make calls, text, or even write messages without using your hands? Have you ever used that technology while you were driving? Thought you were being safe while you did it?  Well, turns out, even with all that, you may have been headed down a highway to an accident. A new study released by the American Automobile Association (AAA) has shown those hands free devices may not be as safe as people think.

The study revealed that when drivers are looking at their phones, holding their phones, or using hands free devices but interacting with their phones, they can be distracted drivers.  In all these activities, the study has shown that a driver is not focused on driving. The study recommends that if you need to send a text or make that phone call, the safest thing to do is pull over. Nothing is worth an accident. Remember, it’s not just your safety, but also that of the other drivers and passengers on the road.

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For more about the study performed by AAA, click here!

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