National Ride to Work Day Demonstrates Motorcycle Significance

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In the home of Harley-Davidson, not many motorcycle owners can pass up Ride to Work Day happening on Monday, June 20, this year. Whether you started riding to work in the cool days of early spring or will be tuning up the bike for the first time this season, our attorneys wish you a safe ride to work and anywhere else your two wheels may take you.

“Ride to Work” started as a catchphrase by Aero Design and Manufacturing Company that “inspired motorcycle magazine editor Fred Rau to write an editorial calling for a national ride to work day” in 1992, according to a article. Twenty-five years ago, the first Ride to Work Day kicked off. There is a now a non-profit organization,, to promote the use of motorcycles. The organization does not just celebrate motorcycles, but stresses the significance of the motorcycling population. National Ride to Work Day demonstrates their numbers.

As more motorcycle riders join the daily commute, it reminds us that we share the roads with vehicles of all sizes. Accidents with motorcycles can more often lead to particularly traumatic injuries such as broken bones, disfigurement, paralysis, spinal trauma, brain injury, and wrongful death. We can all prevent such accidents by being responsible drivers.

Celebrate the joy of riding safely, and be conscious of motorcycles no matter what vehicle you drive. Call Sperling Law Offices in Milwaukee at 414-273-7777, if you or a loved one is injured in a motor vehicle accident. To all who will be on their bikes this coming Monday, may your ride and your workday be smooth.

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