Stepping Up to Stairway Injuries

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Hazardous stairways can lead to falls resulting in painful injuries. We all slip, trip or fall on our own accord, but sometimes the property owner is at fault for not providing a safe stairway to their guests.

Premises Liability & Stairway Hazards

Property owners, and residents of the property in some cases, are responsible under premises liability law for keeping their buildings and land safe. Stairways are no exception, whether in a home or commercial building. The property owner may be liable for causing injury to someone who fell because of the following stairway conditions:

  • Known and unfixed stairway defect
  • Obstructions and slippery surfaces
  • Inconsistent step measurements (i.e. a step of six inches following a step of five inches)
  • Poor lighting
  • Hand rails in poor condition or unavailable
  • Loose carpeting on steps
  • Stairway is not built to the state’s building code

Proving Negligence

The injuries from a fall can be life-altering, and you may choose to seek reparations for medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering, and disability resulting from the injury. The case is not open and shut, however, just upon incurring an injury. Your lawyer and you will need to prove that the property owner was negligent, very similar to an injury due to a negligent landlord. The evidence must show that the property owner or resident knew or should have known about the hazard(s) and that s/he failed to address the dangerous condition the way a reasonable person would.

Preventing Falls

The National Safety Council and CDC advise following these standards to avoid treacherous stair accidents:

  • Well-lit stairs
  • Up to building code
  • Strong hand rail
  • No obstructions, broken or torn materials

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