Take Note: Creating Paper Trails After Suffering an Injury

Keeping your facts straight during a personal crisis is tough, but the challenge doesn’t end after the slip, trip, fall, or other accident. For those who need to file a claim or pursue compensation for costs resulting from an accident, documentation is the best evidence in a courtroom. Attorneys advise to err on the side of caution and document everything related to the accident and injury, otherwise known as creating a paper trail.

If you have suffered an injury at the fault of another person or business, a thorough paper trail will help your attorney proficiently assess the case. Additionally, your notes and documentation will provide better evidence about the injury and its impact on your life.

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Documentation to Keep After an Injury:

  • Photographed evidence
    • Pictures of the scene, any hazards that caused the accident
    • Pictures of any visible injuries, including bruises and other marks
  • A journal
    • Details of the accident – the cause, people or businesses involved, all injuries, other damage, involvement of authorities, and insurance information.
    • Aftermath of the injury – pain levels and the healing process
    • Important conversations concerning the accident with any advisors, lawyers, or others who witnessed or were involved in the accident
  • Insurance documentation
    • Claim paperwork
    • Bills
    • Conversations with insurance providers
  • Medical documentation
    • Bills
    • Assessments, prognosis, and treatments
    • Keep a business card with each medical provider’s information and make a note about the visit on the business card
  • Employment
    • Paystubs before and after injury
    • Work restrictions and workman’s compensation paperwork

A detailed paper trail can be daunting, but it is worth the effort. The attorneys at Sperling Law Offices in Milwaukee specialize in personal injury and are more than willing to guide clients through the difficult process. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury, call Sperling Law Offices at 414-273-7777 or visit MilwaukeeLawFirm.com today.


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