These Hazards Could Trip You Up This Halloween

Slip, trip, and fall injuries on Halloween

Halloween is a great inspiration to construct graveyards in our lawns along with other creepy scenes. You may be planning to host a Halloween bash or inviting trick-or-treaters to your door this season. Before your guests arrive, be sure to check for potential safety hazards that could leave you with a premises liability claim. A serious injury ruins everyone’s Halloween fun!

You might not think of slip and trip hazards when putting up your zombie apocalypse enhanced with strobe lights and a fog machine. If anyone happens to be injured while running through your lawn, however, the damages could be on you. Scare away any liability claims with a quick inspection!

Here are some potential hazards to look for on your property:

  • Electrical cords, garden hoses, and wires holding up props
  • Decorations on the ground or floor (gravestones, pumpkins, spooky characters, candles, potted plants, etc.)
  • Strobe lights and fog machines that make it difficult to see a clear path
  • Dark hallways, paths, porches, and stairs
  • Slippery leaves
  • Your own costume if it has dragging material
  • Your pets and their leashes

We suggest guiding any visitors to the door with a clear path marked off with caution tape or a festive fence, if you have a yard full of tripping hazards. Make sure all paths are clear and well-lit inside and out of your home. Also, as we suggested in our last post, it’s best to tuck any pets away from spooky strangers. Pets aren’t necessarily tripping hazards, but they can get anxious and might attack your costumed family or guests.

If you find yourself or your child injured due to a negligent landowner, it is best to speak to an attorney. You can call our office to schedule a free consultation at 414-273-7777. To learn more about premises liability, please visit our website here. Slip and trip injuries will not only ruin your evening of fun, but cost you time and money. Our attorneys can help, though we would rather everyone enjoy a safe holiday.

Have a howling great Halloween!

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