Workplace Safety: Construction Workers Face High Risk of Injury

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Construction season is well underway in Wisconsin. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported over 100,000 of Wisconsin’s workforce were employed in the construction industry in May last year. On-site injuries are common for those who mend and build our infrastructure, and the attorneys at Sperling Law Offices believe our construction workers should know their rights and the rights of their employer regarding workplace injuries.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) considers the construction industry to be “high hazard” and has set rigorous safety standards on equipment, materials and policies of construction businesses. Despite putting safety first, accidents happen. According to OSHA statistics, “one in five worker deaths [in 2014] were in construction.” Many more suffer from non-fatal injuries such as falls from scaffolding or being hit by heavy materials and machinery. Some even acquire lung problems from breathing in toxic substances (

All construction workers should be properly trained to avoid or identify potential threats to safety. They should be aware of their surroundings and speak up if anything looks hazardous, whether it’s equipment, materials or even a coworker being careless. Although the construction company should be covered by insurance, the outcome of any accident outweighs taking unnecessary risks.

Construction businesses are required by Wisconsin law to insure their employees, as mentioned on the Sperling Law Offices website. An injured worker should be compensated for expenses including medical, lost wages, disability, or rehabilitation. However, some workers experience issues with their claim being denied or not fully covered. They could also qualify for pain and suffering compensation, which is not generally paid for by the employer’s insurance. In such situations it is best to consult with a qualified attorney.

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